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Why Work With is an incredible marketing opportunity for B2B companies.
We offer a direct response marketing channel to an ever-growing community of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and business managers - eager to find and purchase deals for their businesses.
The BizSaves marketing channel generates revenue for your company, lowers the cost of customer acquisition, and increases customer lifetime value.

Key points of this marketing opportunity include:

No up-front costs:

This is not a traditional media buy, you pay nothing up front.


Unlike pay-per-click, with BizSaves you pay nothing until someone actually buys your offer; and then only your discount.

Dynamic Customer Acquisition & Retention:

We’ll help you design your offer to maximize your customer lifetime value. No minimums, no long term commitment, no advertising costs, no ROI worries; just new repeat customers.

Targeted Audience:

Our community of buyers consists of entrepreneurs, small business owners and managers eager to redeem advertised offers. Even if they don’t buy, you are putting yourself directly in front of a highly targeted market.

Deal Process Details

Offer a Deal on

1. Offer a Deal on

We work with you to design a deal which will be embraced by our community and beneficial to your business. We then create a custom deal page and strategically schedule its appearance online.

We Promote Your Deal

2. We Promote Your Deal:

BizSaves promotes your deal to our email subscribers, twitter followers, facebook fans and linkedin connections. Remember, you don't spend a dime or lift a finger; we do all the promotion.

Our Community Buys Your Deal

3. Our Community Buys Your Deal:

Entrepreneurs, business owners & managers will see your deal and buy it. They pre-pay on We handle all transactions, security, and customer care until they redeem your offer.

Buyers Get Redemption Instructions

4. Buyers Get Redemption Instructions:

At the close of a deal (1 week) we process all purchasing customers and send them a voucher with a unique identification number and instructions on how to redeem their deal with you.

We Send you Buyer’s Info and Your Money

5. We Send you Buyers Info and Your Money:

At the close of the deal we send you all purchasing customers names, companies, emails, and unique identification numbers. Within a week of deal close we send you a check for the deal revenue less BizSaves' commission.


Elements of a Great Offer:

If you have a great offer that is relevant to our subscribers, we want you as a partner.

The following qualities make an offer great:

1. Broad Appeal:
Make sure that your deal has broad appeal. Our subscribers run all sorts of businesses and are from all over the world. Offer something that will appeal to as many of them as possible.

2. Simplicity:
The key to successful deals are simplicity and clarity of deliverables. Choose products or services which do not require customer assistance or a long sales cycle. Make it a no-brainer for a business to buy.

3. Significant Savings:
Make sure it's an "eye-opening" discount. You want to offer a deal that gets our subscribers clicking buy, buy, buy and send, send, send to their business network. 50% off or more is recommended. The idea is to get long term customers with a can't miss deal.

4. Exclusivity:
Don't offer deals that appear elsewhere. BizSaves discounts are supposed to be unique – be sure that our subscribers haven't seen a similar or identical offer elsewhere from your company; that makes the deal less special.

5. Focus on Customer Acquisition:
Great deals introduce customers to your business and its offerings. Once introduced, plan your follow-up sales and/or subscriptions as a way to maximize a customer's lifetime value.

How Do We Protect Your Brand?

BizSaves ensures that our partners make smart business decisions when offering deals.

Two key considerations include:

1. No Brand Dilution: 
All of the discounts you offer to our subscribers are billed as " Exclusives." You won't need to worry about your discount showing up anywhere else diluting your brand or cannibalizing sales.

2. No Long Term Price Differentials: 
All of our discounts our time-limited. If you offer us a discount, it won't be around forever – it will be displayed to our users in our weekly email and marked to expire in one week. After that we ask partners to disable the offer. This means that you don't have to worry about any long-term price differentials.



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