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Video Spokesperson
It's so cool to see a real live person walk out onto your website and speak directly to a potential customer. It's proven to increase sales dramatically. Your script; your message; your increased sales.

It’s All About Standing Out:

Posted by Alec Hess


You’ve got a great company website, but so do a bunch of your competitors. Now what? You need something to make you stand out from the crowd.

A virtual spokesperson could be the answer you’ve been looking for. You know, that live looking person who walks out onto your website and talks to you directly. It’s a real model, delivering your message, and it’s strikingly engaging!

Today nearly 80% of consumers go to the internet before making a big purchase or decision.
Your website may be your first point of contact with customers looking for what you offer, and a virtual spokesperson can provide the personal touch to impress and influence customers.

With a spokesperson you can delivery your message in a simple and effective way: create that WOW factor and direct customers and potential customers to act.

A Real Person Delivering Your Message Live!

Grabbing the attention of your customers is critical and putting a video spokesperson on your website can be a powerful step to increase conversions and customer retention. By utilizing a spokesperson you can capture the attention of visitors immediately and stand apart from the competition. 

How can your business benefit from having a spokesperson?

  1. Adds Excitement: By adding a face-to-face interaction you’re sure to grab attention.
  2. Effective Delivery: Deliver your message in a personal way, while controlling the tone, gender and costume to create an emotional response specifically suited to your business.
  3. Quick & Snappy: People don’t have the attention span to read every word on your page; a video spokesperson captivates user’s interests immediately.  
  4. High Quality Messages: Specific to your needs and requirements; write it yourself or get help from the service provider.
  5. Easy to digest: Tell consumers about the problem you provide solutions for.
  6. Stand Out: A personalized spokesperson differentiates your site from others

Get a Virtual Greeter Today

Hire one of our trusted and vetted vendors to craft your very own video spokesmen. These production companies combine high quality video production with a wide selection of actors and costuming to develop a spokesperson tailored to fit your company needs. And in some case you can have your spokesperson up in a single day.

Browse through the money saving deals on the next tab and check out some of the highly trusted vendors we‘ve collected, and get your website noticed and remembered today.

Alec Hess is a marketer and small business expert as well as Principal of Full Voice Media and Vanguard Healthcare Products; and co-founder of BizSaves. His focus is on small business success and he has consulted, guided and advised many firms.

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