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Event Marketing
Meeting directly with potential customers at an event or party, is a proven, winning method of promoting your business without seeming pushy; while nudging people to want to work with you.
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How Event Marketing Can Work For You

Posted by Alec Hess


Pressing the Flesh

One of the best ways to connect
directly with customers and especially potential customers is to plan and throw some kind of party or event to expose your brand, create trust, show your concern for an issue or just plain have fun. But once you’ve planned your event you need to attract people who would want or need what you’re selling: a targeted audience. That’s what event marketing is all about.

Sponsor a founding day in your town; create an event to raise funds for a charity; hold a talent contest; offer advice about your expertise at a local hotel; underwrite a bike or walk/run race; hold a bake sale and competition... The idea is to find something that would bring potential customers together so you can expose your great company.

The secret is to make it about the event and not just your business, but make sure everyone knows your buisness is the producer and make information about your biz readily available. that way people will find out about you without the hard sell or "push" advdertisng your competitors probably use.

Use as Many Mediums as Possible:

Any way you normally promote your business can be used to promote your event, but there are other ways you may not normally use, for instance:
  1. Public Relations: You have options when it comes to using PR to increase attendance. One option is getting a co-sponsor or two so you can combine efforts, which will not only increase attendance by promoting to another target market, but other co-sponsors also means you have more money to finance the event. Another PR option is to issue press releases. This is generally an affordable way to stir up buzz about your event. If your event is local, you can call clubs and other organizations and ask them to help get the word out and offer to post their logos somewhere at the event.
  2. Direct Mail: Marketing through direct mail allows you to describe in detail what potential customers can expect at the events as well as the benefits to them. Research shows that long copy separated into readable chunks with bullet points and subheads is almost always more effective than short copy. The option of promotion through direct mail is simple to execute, yet should be handled by experts for optimal effectiveness.
  3. Email: Because email is accessible by everyone, everywhere, promoting an event in this way is especially effective. Email can also be especially persuasive through the use of graphics, videos, links to additional sources, not to mention the immediate metrics of knowing what email type was and was not effective.
These are just a few of the ways to market your event. In order to appeal to the largest audience possible, it is important to utilize as many mediums as possible. And all of these marketing methods can be done by small and medium sized businesses (SMB) ; they’re not limited to large corporations. If anything, it’s more important for you to market your event vigorously because less of the public knows you.

If You Let Them, People Will Forget About You:

Try to use different forms of promotion and you will not only reach more people, but also remind them of when your event is, what it’s about, where it will be, and what they’re getting out of attending. The main goal of event marketing is to increase attendance, brand awareness and converting prospective customers. By building up excitement and making attendees look forward to being present at your event, attendance will increase, and therefore your company’s publicity, which in turn can increase your sales, making your business more successful and profitable.  On the next couple of tabs we have gathered only the best vendors and money saving deals to help your event produce positive results you will love. 

Alec Hess is a marketer and small business expert as well as Principal of Full Voice Media and Vanguard Healthcare Products; and co-founder of BizSaves. His focus is on small business success and he has consulted, guided and advised many firms.

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