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Phone Services
Modern phone services save you money while expanding functions and uses, such as free video conferencing, call forwarding, caller ID, no timed call worries, and greater flexibility then landline systems of old.
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21st Century Phone Solutions

Posted by Mark Hess


VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that allows you to make phone calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of your regular phone company.

So if you want to save money on your phone bills, this might be the solution you’ve been waiting for. VoIP technology offers your business an unbeatable proposition: enhance telecommunications while reducing total cost.

VoIP integrates all of your communication needs; teleconferencing, video calls, screen sharing, etc. into a single infrastructure. By adopting VoIP your business can increase productivity, flexibility, and lower bills. It’s as easy as signing up, downloading a small app to your computers and connecting with anyone you’d like, anywhere in the world.

80% of all new business lines installed internationally were VoIP, and that number is rising.

How VoIP Works At a Glance:

Rather than sending calls over dedicated landlines through a phone company (PSTN, or public switched telephone network), VoIP calls are converted into packets of data that travel over the Internet. Using the Internet to place your calls allows you to build a larger network with more tools and features than PTSN services at a fraction of the cost.

Features and Quality To Make You Smile

In the early days of VoIP the feature list and quality of connections was spotty at best. Today all that has changed. With broadband access nearly universal and improvements in technology and new innovations, not to mention competition among VoIP service providers, the quality and feature list is truly astounding, rivaling anything the big telephone providers can offer, and surpassing most.

Benefits VoIP has over traditional phone services:

Huge Savings: You cut down on costs with no new equipment to buy, along with low or free flat rates, unlimited calling and free international calls.
Flexibility: Scales to your business needs by integrating computer apps such as e-mail, and video conferencing.
Advanced Functionality: You can have unlimited extensions, keep current phone numbers, use call forwarding, use online account management, select area codes and use conference calling. Your business will sound and perform like the pros.
Other advantages include:
  • Use your existing phone
  • In-Network calls are always free
  • Your laptop or mobile device can receive and place phone and conference calls.
  • Online Account Management
  • Area Code Selection
  • Save more with great International Rates
  • Voicemail
  • Web Based Call Logs
  • Anonymous Caller Rejection
  • Outgoing Caller ID with Name
  • Call Forwarding
  • Contact List
  • Operator Block
  • *69 Call Return
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support
  • 311 City Service
  • Fax Services
And More

Save Time, Save Money, Work More Efficiently

VoIP systems have simple, intuitive user interfaces, so you can make simple system configuration changes to suit your specific needs. Skype, which originally marketed itself as a service among friends, has begun to cater to businesses, providing free-of-charge connections between any users on the Skype network and connecting to and from ordinary PSTN telephones for a charge.
In the United States, the Social Security Administration (SSA) is converting its field offices of 63,000 workers from traditional phone installations to a VoIP infrastructure carried over its existing data network. This is just one example of the sweeping changes VoIP is making in the business community.

Using VoIP for your business is almost a necessity. And since VoIP is available on many smartphones and Internet devices, users of portable devices other than phones, may place calls or send SMS text messages over 3G or Wi-Fi so you never have to be out of touch with your office or your co-workers. Now you can make conference calls and important meetings wherever and whenever you need to.
Check out the other tabs on this page and all the great deals on VoIP services, many FREE. Also look at all the great vendors we’ve selected that offer similar services. Go modern and reap the rewards.

Mark Hess is a marketer and small business expert as well as an award winning illustrator, painter, graphic designer, entrepreneur and co-founder of BizSaves; with a passion for online marketing and small business success.

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