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Inventory/Shipping Logistics
Inventory, ordering and shipping logistics may be a large expense but it doesn't have to be complicated or difficult with today's new tools and services, offered by some of the most experienced and talented providers.
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Efficient Systems = Enhanced Profits

Posted by Mark Hess


Inventory, ordering and shipping logistics are a large expense for many companies and a complicated one for most. Are your logistics as efficient as possible with no wasted time or confusion or wasted money?

Today, highly sophisticated, yet simple to use systems are available to every size business; from Fortune 500 to local mom and pop stores. And all the experience of countless other companies is now within your reach for much less investment than just a few years ago.

Without a top-notch system in place, competitors can undercut you, customers may be disappointed, and massive time, money, and effort may be wasted.  

Everything Needs To Be Right or Everything Will Be Wrong:

Inventory, ordering, and shipping of products directly to consumers, wholesalers and retailers, are all inter-related and efficiency here can mean the difference between higher margins and lackluster profits. And the interconnectivity of operations means that if one step in the process is holding up another, the whole thing is harmed; hurting your profits. But you don’t have to re-invent the wheel or try new things until you succeed; you just have to know where to look for efficient, practical systems that fit your particular needs.

Only Make What You Need:

Just-in-time inventory is an inventory system that supplies only the specific quantity of goods or supplies for those goods on demand. It’s been tested and perfected by hundreds of companies like Amazon, Zappos, Target, Staples, etc.

This type of system requires less physical space for storing products so less capital is tied up in inventory sitting in a warehouse. You also get more control over the production system, decreased defect rates, and increased customer satisfaction due to quicker, fresher product delivery and better quality control.

Effective Logistics Can Grow Your Business As A Whole:

The money saved with an effective logistics system can be used to grow other areas of your business, such as increasing the new product budget, introducing new services or expanding personnel. The increased product quality management limits mistakes made, which increases customer loyalty and decreases employee stress which, guess what, improves your bottom line.
Without an effective inventory, ordering and shipping system, competitors will out compete you by being more reliable, available and affordable. In fact, competitors won’t even need to fight for market share; your customers will just leave you for someone who can satisfy their demand better.
So today is the day. You need to use the best, most modern logistics system available, and we have scoured the Internet for the very best vendors and exceptional deals to help you kick butt.

Mark Hess is a marketer and small business expert as well as an award winning illustrator, painter, graphic designer, entrepreneur and co-founder of BizSaves; with a passion for online marketing and small business success.

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