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Project Management
Modern project management systems can change your bottom line for the better. Work faster, more coordinated, and best of all: smarter. Working Better = Better Business
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Do It Smart, Or Go Home

Posted by Alec Hess


Let’s face it, if you’re in any kind of business that has to create and develop a specific closed end deliverable, you already perform some kind of project management. You might be building a house; or creating an ad campaign; or developing a new app; or starting a new business; the point is, every human endeavor is to some extent a project, and every project has certain phases or goals it goes through until completion: Initiation, Planning and Design, Execution and Construction, Monitoring and Controlling Systems and Completion.

The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals and objectives under time and budget constraints, in the most efficient manner possible. If you can’t do it efficiently, in a structured, logical method, your competition can, and you may not get another chance with your client.

Flexible AND Consistent

Your  projects probably have a defined beginning and end, which need to satisfy your client’s goals; and each undertaking can require a new set of solutions. A consistent system or approach to completing any individual project will strengthen your team’s ability to adapt to any project variant. Because the management of projects can vary, you need a system flexible enough to allow distinct management strategies.

New Solution Systems

Today there is software, based on countless years of experience, that has been developed to help you organize and manage any project regardless of scope, complexity, budget or any other requirements.
Project Management Software helps analyze, optimize and manage projects, so you can determine the right mix of projects to accept, and what resources to allocate to accomplish your strategic goals. You can track individual projects, the resources allocated to them and the costs associated with them.
Three basic benefits of PM software:
  • Effective use of time, so your margins remain within budget.
  • Avoiding going over budget, so your client stays happy.
  • Avoiding human error, allotment of resources, etc.
  • Today’s Modern Software Covers:
  • Cost Estimation
  • Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Cost Control and Budget Management
  • Resource Allocation
  • Collaboration Systems
  • Communication
  • Quality Management
  • Documentation
  • Administration Systems
  • Coordinate, Optimize and Profit
Project management software also facilitates good team communication and helps collaboration between your team members working on any given project. Most modern project management software will allow your team members to log in online and provide status updates, saving time phoning or emailing to check on the status of other’s tasks. This allows teammates to contribute effectively at work or away, so workflow is improved.
Good project management is absolutely essential, and good project management software makes it easy. Finding a quicker and more effective means of completing a project means you make more money.
If you look at the other tabs on this page you’ll find high quality, vetted vendors offering great project management services and software; and also the best deals from all over the web to get you started for less. Work smarter today.

Alec Hess is a marketer and small business expert as well as Principal of Full Voice Media and Vanguard Healthcare Products; and co-founder of BizSaves. His focus is on small business success and he has consulted, guided and advised many firms.

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