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If your company website looks awful on a cell phone or tablet, potential customers might go to your competitors. Stop the madness and get a good mobile website version created for less.
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Mobile Website’s Aren’t Optional

Posted by Mark Hess


Recently, Nielsen reports that 46% of US mobile phone owners have a Smartphone and that percentage is growing rapidly.

You know what people do with their Smartphones and other mobile devices? They search for and browse websites like yours. And on tablets sometimes your normal website will work fine, but not always.

Without a mobile friendly website, you might be turning people off to doing business with you and you don’t even know it. A great mobile device version of your awesome main website will bring in more customers without you having to do a thing.

The Need to Succeed

A website optimized for mobile devices is an alternate, user-friendly form of your company site that can be accessed from a handheld mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet computer which is connected to a mobile network or other wireless networks. There are definitive rules of the road, based on what works, for designing a mobile website that are necessary to deliver an experience mobile users expect. To be successful with your mobile website you will probably need the help or advice of a specialist in the field. 

Why You Shouldn’t Have a Mobile Website…I’ll Help You Out, There Isn’t One:

  1. Mobile Websites Download Quickly: If customers are forced to wait for their phone to download a website and it’s taking too long, they will just leave and find another site that satisfies their needs quicker than yours.
  2. Search Engine Optimization: Having a mobile friendly site will increase your search engine rank.
  3. Competitive Advantage: When you have a website that customers can access from anywhere and your competitor doesn’t; you win the sale.
  4. Easy To Track Information: Just like a normal website, you can see where people clicked most, what they searched for and more. It provides you with more information so you can get to know your customer even better, and improve your website.
  5. Creates Constant Interaction Between You and the Customer: Having a mobile website allows for constantly building the customer relationship. It bridges the gap between online desktop access, and mobile searching creating satisfaction no matter where the customer is.
Without a smooth running mobile website, your customers can’t instantly get their needs satisfied on their phone, and they may just direct their business to a competitor that does have a mobile optimized website. Content delivery is vital for your company to be successful, but if customers can’t read your content when and where they want, then the content goes to waste.
We have gathered only the best vendors for helping you with all aspects of creating a mobile optimized website. Check them out on the tabs on this page. We also have great deals so you can get your mobile website up and delivering profits for less. Do it today.

Mark Hess is a marketer and small business expert as well as an award winning illustrator, painter, graphic designer, entrepreneur and co-founder of BizSaves; with a passion for online marketing and small business success.

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