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Social Media Cheats
Social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. can boost your business, but how? Find pros to build your social presence and establish a plan of action. Hire low cost experts to execute on the strategy. Educate yourself or your new hires with online courses; and use time tracking software to know they are on task.

Automate Revenue Building Social Media Plan

Posted by Mark Hess


  Social media marketing is a vital tool in your business’ promotional arsenal. Every business large and small, has been perfecting the ways to use various social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, You Tube and others, over the past several years. The information on how to best leverage their use for your particular company is available and proven. You can, and must use social sites to engage customers and potential customers; to get their opinions on what you’re doing right and wrong; to start a word of mouth viral campaign to spread your company’s virtues, to answer questions and complaints, and to show your expertise in your field. You can target only the people interested in what you have to offer; that’s worth a ton of other forms of advertising. We’re making it easier by bringing together trusted professionals who can help you take advantage of all the best practices in promoting your business through social media.

Here's the situation:

Your Goal: Enjoy all the business benefits of social media: increased brand awareness, customer engagement and satisfaction, increased website traffic; with minimal time and effort.

Your Problem:  Everyone says you should be: “establishing and maintaining a strong social presence for your business”. But you lack the time, and  know-how to do it effectively. To make matters worse, your competition is all over Facebook and Twitter claiming to be number 1 and building relationships w/ your customers.

Your Solution:  Use the deals below to automate the whole process. Get a team of expert professionals to build your social foundation and establish a plan of action. Hire virtual assistants to execute on the strategy. Educate your new labor (and yourself) with online courses; and track everyone’s time with time tracking software so you know they are staying on task.


We have assembled some great vendors to help you reach your goal:

::A Low Cost, Profit Enhancing Social Media Implementation::

From the steps below, pick and choose the best solutions for your company.

1. Get professionals to create your social accounts and establish a plan of action. Not all businesses use social media in the same way to attract customers and you need someone with the skill and experience to analyze your specific situation and design the most appropriate plan for you. They need to understand your business, your competition, examine your website and carefully lay out a one month, six month and one year plan of attack; while carefully tracking results and evolving the plan based on results.

Find Skilled Social For Business experts:

Full Voice Media > SEE THE DEAL

2. Find and hire Virtual Assitant’s to maintain social activities. 
If you have inexpensive workers that have good Internet skills focused on social; and they understand the do’s and don’t’s of social media, then you’re all set. But if you need skilled people to do the daily inputing and writing and answering that social requires, you can hire folks not living in your area for less. They can submit all communications to you before posting, or you can devise a number of scripts they can draw from, sort of like a FAQ sheet. these “virtual assistants” can be building your business up while you’re tending to actual business.

Hire Talented Help: > SEE THE DEAL

3. Educate your VA through social media marketing courses. This is where you can really save time and money. There are expert training courses available taught by industry giants in any aspect of business, especially the profitable use of social media for businesses. You will be assured the skilled workers you need are up-to-date. If your new hire already knows their stuff, all the better.

Use Video Training to enhance performance:


4. Track VA’s using time tracking system. 
Building, or developing a great social media promotion program is more valuable if you can account for every hour your social workers are putting in. Time tracking software allows your team to multi-task and switch around to different projects while you have a solid record of everything they do. (yes, it can even track wasted time)
Accurately track every work hour:



So there you have it. Follow these simple steps and you can create for your company a brilliant social media program to enhance customer communication and drive sales in less time and with less effort, and more positive results.

Don't let competitors get a leg up on you. Take your business growth seriously, and it will reward you for years to come. Large and small companies are benefiting from social media engagement and now you can, too.
Do you have a good story about your social media experiences, or advice you can share?
Please write me and let me know.
Now go out there and grow your business.

Mark Hess is a marketer and small business expert as well as Principal of Full Voice Media and Hess Design Works; and co-founder of BizSaves. His focus is on small business success and he has consulted, guided and advised many firms.
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