CATEGORY: Marketing
Advertising Design
The fundamental element in any marketing plan is advertising design; whether it's for online banner ads, email campaigns, Facebook or magazine or newspaper ads. ... Read More
Content Marketing
Content marketing simply refers to the sharing of relevant and valuable content to attract targeted customers. We'll show you how to benefit. ... Read More
Email Marketing
Email marketing allows your business to keep in touch with its customers by using a channel they use every day. It's one of the most economical and effective methods of promotion in the modern world. ... Read More
Event Marketing
Meeting directly with potential customers at an event or party, is a proven, winning method of promoting your business without seeming pushy; while nudging people to want to work with you. ... Read More
Facebook Marketing
Facebook can dramatically increase your company's customer base, customer satisfaction and raise your brand awareness. ... Read More
Mobile Marketing
The fastest growing marketing method is also one of the easiest and most reliable. 90% of people view every text message they recieve: take advantage. ... Read More
Promo Materials
Promotioanl materials get your company remembered. Pens, caps, cups, candies, sports items, shirts, etc. are a tangible way to enhance your company's brand awareness. ... Read More
Search engine optimization is crucial if you want people to find your business on the Internet. It's a great low cost method of new customer acquisition. ... Read More
Social Media Marketing
Using social sites such as Facebook and Twitter; Pinterest and Google+ to reach potential customers is tried and true. You just need a recipe for success. ... Read More
Twitter Marketing
Twitter is the social site where marketing is part of the game. A good plan and some great help are all you need to promote your biz big time. Have you got your Tweet on? ... Read More
Video Marketing
Use the media more people like to use to get info than any other. Creating videos about your business for your website and/or YouTube can help people fall in love with you, answer questions, raise your authority ranking and grow your company. ... Read More
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