Make Your Business Awesome at Customer Service

Goal: Dramatically improve your customer service responsiveness and quality - enhance your website’s conversion rate. 

Problem:  Your customer service is mediocre at best and you need a meaningful way to connect w/ website visitors, potential customers, and your fans. People are on your website with unanswered questions, if they can’t find what they need they will leave you. You may also be seeing a high bounce rates and abandoned shopping carts. You need a better way to connect, but you’re just too busy to hop on the line with every customer.  
Solution: Allow visitors to connect with real support representatives on your website using Live Chat, hire overseas assistants to handle all the live communication work 24/7, and for an extra dose of ‘we listen’ allow customers to submit feedback on your site. 
  1. Install a live chat system to your website: Website Allive,
  2. Find and hire low-cost assistants to run your chat line: oDesk,
  3. Track VA’s using time tracking deal:  Bill4Time,
  4. Collect Website Feedback: BetaEasy,

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