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Hiring Secrets
Work smarter by leveraging every advantage you can: Use skilled “virtual” employees who work for less because they live somewhere else; train new hires with online courses; track their work with automatic time-tracking software; and manage projects with sophisticated software developed by the big boys.
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Posted by Mark Hess


  Your business is only as good as the people who work there. Up until now hiring has mostly been a frustrating, hit-or-miss proposition for many business owners. But the experience of larger firms has given way to proven methods for getting the right candidates in the right positions; and getting the most out of them, so you benefit and your business can grow.

Here's the situation:

Your Goal: Have more skilled people working to improve your business while keeping costs down.

Your Problem:  Too much work and not enough skilled hands.  Employees can be expensive, hard to train and hard to keep track of, especially for a new business. Hiring out of your area could mean low quality workers who are clueless. If you find someone you can afford, managing them efficiently and ensuring they keep on task, and update their skills periodically can be more hassle than it’s worth.

Your Solution:  Using modern methods involving computers, low cost communication systems, and tools can save you money, time and grow your business. Hire virtual employees where the cost of living is low and salary requirements are in the $250-$500 per month range. Train your workers using high quality video lessons to ensure they have with the skills and know-how to make a positive impact on your business. Finally, use a project management system so you can post and track tasks, ensuring workers are both accountable and manageable even when you operate in different time-zones. For extra assurance, use a time-tracking tool so you know exactly where your money is going.


We have assembled some great vendors to help you reach your goal:

::A Strong, Efficient, Low Cost Staff::

Some of the steps below you may not need. Pick and choose the best solutions for your company.

1. Find and hire “off-site” workers. It may sound scary or hard or almost impossible, but working with people over Skype, the phone, fax and email is the modern way to accomplish more with less. The world really is getting smaller and you can find eager, skilled pros who would love to work for you and work HARD.

Find skilled employees: > SEE THE DEAL

2. Train you workers using online coursesThis is where you can really save time and money. There are expert training courses out there taught by industry giants in any aspect of business, HR, accounting, you name it; that will assure you the skilled workers you need. If your new hire already knows their stuff, all the better.

Purchase Training Videos:


3. Use a project management system to clearly outline and track tasksSystems developed after long trial and error guarantee you the wisdom of the ages. Modern Project Management Systems keep track of progress, help with collaboration, facilitate client communication and keep everyone on track, and that translates into more efficient use of time and higher profits. And oh yea: client/customer satisfaction!

Use a great management system:

Teamwork Project Management > SEE THE DEAL

4. Utilize time tracking software to keep accurate time records. Building, or developing a great project is only valuable if you can account for every billable hour. Time tracking software allows your team to multi-task and switch around to different projects while you have a solid record of everything they do. (yes, it can even track wasted time)
Accurately track every work hour:



So there you have it. Follow these simple steps and you can create your company's star work force in less time and with less effort, and more positive results than at any time in history.

Don't let competitors get a leg up on you. Take your business growth seriously, and it will reward you for years to come. Why do you think all the big companies spend so much effort on hiring, training and project managing? Because good business practices such as hiring procedures bring in customers and grow profits!
Do you have a good story about your hiring experiences, or advice you can share?
Please write me and let me know.
Now go out there and grow your business.

Mark Hess is a marketer and small business expert as well as Principal of Full Voice Media and Hess Design Works; and co-founder of BizSaves. His focus is on small business success and he has consulted, guided and advised many firms.
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